Keeping Pets Safe At Halloween

by | Oct 17 2022

Keeping pets safe at Halloween is something we should all strive to do. As the spookiest night of the year approaches, it’s a good time for us all to be reminded of the dangers that this holiday can pose to the safety and well-being of our animals.

While the Halloween festivities are a favourite for many humans, they can be overstimulating and quite scary for our pets, and Halloween events and activities can also disturb farm animals and wildlife that aren’t domesticated.

But while Halloween can be nerve-wracking for animals, that doesn’t mean you can’t carve pumpkins, overindulge in sweets, or partake in other ghoulish festivities – as long as your beloved pet is safe and secure.

Keeping your furry companion indoors, ensuring they are microchipped, and storing human-only treats out-of-reach are just a few measures pet owners should take on such a supernatural night.

So whether you’re planning to hand out goodies to trick-or-treaters or watch horror movies all night, you need to keep several things in mind when it comes to keeping your pets safe at Halloween.

To help, we’ve put together some animal safety tips and advice to help your pet cope with the Halloween-related commotion.



Advice for keeping pets safe at Halloween



Make sure your pet is microchipped


Between fireworks, bangers, and the constant ringing of the doorbell from trick-or-treaters, your pet might become frightened and try to escape your home.

If this happens, having a microchipped pet will make tracking them down much easier. When getting your pet microchipped, ensure that the microchip is registered to you and that your pet has a fitted collar with an ID tag.


Keep your pets inside on Halloween


Even if your pet prefers to roam around the back garden, keep them inside on Halloween night. Cats, dogs, and rabbits should all be given a safe and quiet place to hide inside if they are scared. Ideally, create this safe space in a room where they won’t be able to hear fireworks or the doorbell. If your living space is small and there are no sound-proof rooms, turn on the television or radio to mask the loud firework explosions.

All doors and windows should also be securely closed on Halloween night.


Avoid dressing them up


While they may look adorable in that mermaid costume, dressing your pet up might make them feel uncomfortable and anxious. Also, if you are getting dressed up in a scary costume, make sure not to startle them with it as they can find this very unsettling.

Instead, put your pet in a safe, quiet room while you’re walking around in your costume.


Don’t bring pets trick or treating


If you’re going trick-or-treating with your children, leave your dog at home, as all the noise, activity, and strange smells can be overwhelming.

Your dog will be much happier and safe at home with a treat-filled toy.


Keep them away from fireworks


Fireworks season usually starts at the beginning of October and can typically continue until after the New Year. Fireworks and firecrackers can be highly stressful for pets, and they should be kept in a safe area until the noise stops.

Remember that most pets are terrified of fireworks – they do not enjoy them as humans do – so adjust your celebrations accordingly this Halloween.


Keep sweets and wrappers away from them


Chocolate and treats with raisins can be toxic to pets, and sugary treats with xylitol can cause health issues like pancreatitis.

When handing out sweets to trick-or-treaters, keep the bowl out of your pet’s reach. Empty wrappers and crisp bags are also choking and suffocation hazards for pets, so have any rubbish can secured at all times.


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Watch out for indoor hazards such as decorations


Cats and dogs like to explore things with their mouths. To keep your pet safe, store spooky decor like fake spider webs, fake spiders and rats, and items filled with glowing liquid up high.

However, if you’ve got a cat that can climb, consider skipping the decor altogether. Keeping your beloved furbaby safe is the number one priority.


Watch out for wildlife when celebrating


Unfortunately, fireworks and Halloween decor can be distressing and potentially fatal for pets and wildlife. Firework explosions can injure birds flying through the dark sky, while birds and squirrels can get tangled in fake spider webs.

This short-term enjoyment can have long-term effects on the wildlife in your neighbourhood.


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Try Serene-UM®


For pets who have difficulty settling down even after implementing the above tactics, we recommend our Serene-UM drops or tablets.

Serene-UM is a natural dietary supplement with a uniquely formulated blend of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Veterinary professionals have recommended Serene-UM to alleviate stress and tension in pets without making them drowsy.

The specially formulated solution controls your pet’s underlying emotional state. By calming your dog or cat, behaviour learned from the stressful situation can be corrected through retraining.

Simply put, Serene-UM helps manage the cause of anxiety without having a sedative effect.

Serene-UM tablets are also available in extra strength.


How to help keep all animals protected


While the vast majority of people don’t intend on scaring or hurting animals, Halloween can, unfortunately, result in both unintentional as well as deliberate harm being inflicted on innocent creatures.

If you witness or know of any form of animal cruelty, whether at Halloween or any time of the year, please report it immediately to the RSPCA in the UK and the ISPCA across Ireland.


Keeping pets safe at Halloween – a tradition worth saving!


The good news is that it’s possible to enjoy Halloween without causing harm or distress to your animals or others. By being mindful of our celebrations, activities, and home decor, we can enjoy the spookiest night of the year!

Here at VetIQ, all love all our animals as much as you love yours. We will always strive to be a reliable and expert source of guidance and advice on all things pet related – so make sure to check out our blog to learn more.

So stay vigilant for our animals, and have a safe, pet-friendly and delightfully devilish Halloween 2022 from all of us here at VetIQ!


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