About Us

VETIQ® is a global consumer pet health brand, which develops preventative care products & functional treats designed to enhance pet’s health & wellness. The product range consists of a wide portfolio of products to provide optimal pet care health, without the need for veterinary intervention.

The VETIQ® portfolio covers all the major pet health categories including calming, joint care, dental-care, digestion, training, hygiene & grooming as well as everyday wellness to deliver targeted pet care solutions. Our portfolio caters for the complete pet life cycle providing pets support from infancy, through to their senior years, to ensure your pet has a happy and fulfilled life.

The pet range was established in 1987 by a well renowned veterinarian and today VETIQ® has an enviable reputation for developing products that are steeped in science as well as creating innovative solutions for today’s pet’s needs. Our company’s trusted and scientifically proven pet portfolio is designed by an enthusiastic and experienced team of global professionals & pet lovers, to ensure that your family pet achieves its best life ever!

Our Motto – Happy Pets, Happy Pet Parents!

Since 2013, the company is owned by PETIQ in the US with VETIQ® managing its global operations – outside the US. Today VETIQ® Healthy+ pet care products are sold across the globe and trusted by millions of happy pet’s parents.

VETIQ® the global arm of PETIQ in the USA

Our business operates on 2 platforms

  • Preventive Care Solutions
  • Functional Healthy+ Treats

VETIQ® Healthy+ has an excellent product portfolio well loved by our consumers across the globe.

We export to 40+ countries and across 4 continents.

We have an excellent sales, marketing & distribution structure to support both our consumers & customers.

Why Choose Us…

Our Range

Aligned across a specific number of categories including Calming, Joint Care, Dental Care, Nutrition, Digestion, Hygiene & Grooming, Training, Everyday Health & Wellness.


Wide selection of deliciously tasty & functional healthy treats for dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, and small animal pets. 

Preventative Care

Expert & effective delivery systems across our preventative care range including liquids, pastes, ointments, tablets, spray and powders.

A Rich 35+ Year History of Caring for Family Pets

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