Enjoying A Safe And Peaceful Christmas With Pets

by | Dec 11 2023

Ahh, the yuletide season! For all your animal lovers out there, Christmas with pets truly is an adventure filled with joy, laughter, and furry antics! As the season of jingle bells and twinkling lights descends upon us, it’s not just the humans who are buzzing with excitement – our pets are, too!

While we eagerly count down the days to Christmas, getting swept up in the flurry of organising festive gatherings and family reunions, it’s paramount to remember our four-legged family members. Ensuring that our holiday plans include and cater to our pets is not just thoughtful, it’s essential.

By considering their needs, we can create a Christmas experience that’s delightful and stress-free for everyone involved, from the tiniest kitten to the biggest hound!


Understanding pet needs during Christmas


Christmas for pets can be like a rollercoaster – thrilling yet a tad overwhelming. The season often ushers in changes to their familiar environment and daily patterns, which can be a bit much for our furry friends. While we humans may revel in the holiday chaos of merry parties and joyful trips, our pets might not share the same enthusiasm for these new sights, sounds, and smells!

To ensure a merry Christmas for your pets, it’s important to keep a sprinkle of normalcy in their routine. It’s best to avoid completely overturning their world with sudden late-night parties or unexpected meal timings. A dash of the usual routine amidst the holiday excitement provides them with a comforting sense of order, helping them stay relaxed and content as the calendar ticks through December.

But hey, this doesn’t mean our furry pals should miss out on all the festive fun! Involve them in pet-friendly Christmas activities – like snuggling during family movie nights or unwrapping toys and treats that are just for them. It’s the pawfect opportunity to shower them with extra love and attention and maybe even spoil them with some yummy treats that are as nutritious as they are delicious!


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Creating a pet-safe environment


Keeping your pets safe and happy during the festive season is key. Here’s a checklist to help you out:


  • Decoration Safety: Use pet-friendly decorations and keep those enticing ornaments out of reach


  • Pet-Safe Lights: Choose pet-safe Christmas lights and secure all electrical cords


  • Non-Toxic Plants: Opt for pet-friendly plants like spider plants or Christmas cacti


  • Secure the Christmas Tree: Ensure the tree is stable to prevent any toppling accidents


  • Avoid Tinsel and Small Ornaments: These can be hazardous if ingested by curious pets


Festive foods and pet safety


The holiday feast is a highlight, but let’s keep it safe for our furry friends with these tips!


  • Avoid Toxic Foods: Keep chocolates, onions, grapes, and nuts away from pets


  • Prepare Pet-Friendly Treats: Offer them carrots, turkey (without bones or seasoning), or special pet treats (or buy some extra special ones!)


  • Monitor the Festive Table: Ensure pets don’t snatch any unsafe foods during celebrations


  • Regular Meals: Stick to their regular diet and feeding schedule amidst the festive offerings


  • Fresh Water Always: Ensure they always have access to fresh water, especially if they sneak a salty snack!


Managing the festive frenzy


The holiday season can be overwhelming for pets. Here are ways to keep them calm and comfortable:


  • Quiet Space: Create a peaceful spot for them to escape the noise and excitement


  • Regular Check-ins: Spend time with them regularly to provide comfort and reassurance


  • Familiar Objects: Include their favourite toys or blankets in their quiet space


  • Limited Noise Exposure: Keep them away from loud music or fireworks


  • Gentle Handling: Remind guests, especially children, to be gentle and respectful of your pet’s space


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Use our Serene Calming products for a calm and joyous Christmas


As the festivities of Christmas 2023 approaches, it’s vital to remember that our pets are integral parts of our families. Amidst the excitement and chaos of the holidays, VETIQ is here to offer solutions to keep your pets relaxed and joyful!


  • Our Serene Calming Drops are a perfect blend of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, crafted to alleviate your pet’s anxiety related to loud noises, travel, or separation. These drops can be effortlessly added to your pet’s food or water, providing them with a gentle, non-sedative sense of calm – a daily sprinkle of festive joy for your furry companions!


  • For instant relief, our Serene Calming Ointment is ideal for dogs of all breeds and ages. Upon application to their nose, it releases calming pheromones, providing swift comfort within approximately 20 minutes. Think of this as a fast-acting ‘relax’ switch for your pet during sudden holiday surprises!


  • Finally, our Serene Calming Tablets, a natural supplement, contain a special mix of essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. These tablets are vet-recommended and help in managing your pet’s emotional well-being, particularly useful during events like fireworks, thunderstorms, travel, or times of hyperactivity or separation. They’re an essential part of ensuring a peaceful holiday experience for your pets!


With a little help from our Serene Calming range, you can ensure your pets enjoy the holiday season as much as you do and be well-equipped for a happy, tail-wagging Christmas! So, from all of us here at VETIQ, we wish you, your cats, dogs, and your family a heartwarming and delightful holiday. May it be filled with joy, laughter, and countless cosy moments with your cherished pets.

Here’s to a wonderful and pet-friendly Christmas for all, and a happy 2024!


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