How to Make Your Dog’s Coat Shiny

by | Jan 11 2020

There’s nothing quite like a handsome, shiny coat as a symbol of good canine health. However, it can be quite the chore to keep your dog’s fur bright and silky smooth! If it seems like your dog’s coat is always dull and you’re fighting an uphill battle, read on.


Below are a few of the most proven methods for pet owners to learn how to make a dog’s coat shiny—the solutions are likely easier than you think!


1. Provide a Healthy Diet

Maintaining healthy levels of nutrients such as fatty acids (think omega-6 and omega-3) is essential to a shiny coat. These healthy fats work with other vitamins and minerals in a dog’s diet to promote healthy fur and skin, so ensure that your pup is enjoying a balanced diet each day.


While most commercial dog foods will contain adequate nutrients, do some extra research if your dog’s coat remains dull. You may want to try updating to a higher-quality food, switching brands, avoiding unbalanced home-cooked diets, or bulking up your dog’s diet with some treats or other supplements.


2. Supplement with Omega Fatty Acids and Other Nutrients

There’s nothing wrong with giving your dog a little help to keep his diet well-balanced! In addition to choosing a high-quality food with well-rounded ingredients, you might also consider giving your dog fatty acid supplements in the form of treats or an edible conditioner.

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3. Take Grooming Seriously

Even if your dog doesn’t have a particularly long coat, don’t underestimate the importance of thoroughly brushing your dog’s coat each day! Some dog owners make the mistake of assuming that short-haired dogs don’t need as much brushing, or that they only need to break out the comb when the tangles are particularly bad.


However, the act of grooming your dog regularly will not only keep his coat shiny by removing dead cells and loose hair, but the process itself will become an excellent bonding experience for you and your dog, too.



4. Plan Regular Baths

Giving your dog a bath can be quite the ordeal, particularly if you have a large dog or if your pup doesn’t tolerate baths well. Preparing for the extensive process of bathing your dog (and the major clean-up that comes afterwards) may be daunting, but bathing your dog on a regular basis is one of the best ways to help him maintain a shiny, healthy coat.


However, beware of bathing your dog too frequently, as this can strip healthy oils from his coat and lead to dull fur and dry skin. Bathing your dog approximately once a month should be enough.


5. Give Your Dog a Spa Treatment

Now that you know the importance of bath time, take this routine to the next level by treating your dog to additional products such as oatmeal-based remedies and coconut oil. Think of these extra measures as indulgent spa treatments for your dog. Humans love to pamper themselves every once in a while, so dogs should be allowed to do the same!


Grind oatmeal into a powder and mix with water to create a topical paste, or give your dog an oatmeal bath. Coconut oil is just as flexible—dogs can enjoy eating a small amount as a treat, but they can also benefit from having the oil applied topically to their coat or mixed into their shampoo.


6. Ask for Professional Advice

Finally, it’s never a bad idea to chat with your veterinarian about additional methods you can introduce to your dog’s daily routine in order to keep his coat shiny and soft. A vet will be able to help you pin down more complex diagnoses or health problems which make it difficult to keep your dog’s coat shiny, allowing you to get to the root of the issue and treat any underlying conditions.


Plus, vets will be able to provide more personalised solutions for you and your pup so that your dog doesn’t miss out on a single moment of having the shiniest, healthiest coat on the block.



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