12 Fun Ways To Celebrate Christmas With Pets

by | Dec 11 2022

When you’re caught up in the whirlwind of Christmas activities, it’s easy to forget what makes this time of year special. Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with your pet, and even spoil them a little (or a lot!). Pets have an amazing way of easing holiday stress and putting a smile on your face.

There are lots of festive activities that your pet can enjoy with you, so to help give you ideas, we put together this list of ideas for awesome ways to celebrate Christmas with pets.


12 fun ways to celebrate Christmas with pets


From cuddling up by the fire to going on adventures, here are our favourite ways of celebrating Christmas with our pets!


Have a Christmas craft night


Get your pet involved in making DIY gifts and decorations this Christmas. Even if you’re not amazing with a sewing machine, there are all kinds of crafts that are quite simple to make with your pooch or kitty by your side!

For example, you can make a precious paw-print ornament by pressing your pet’s paw into non-toxic clay. There are also pet-friendly paints available on the market, perfect for making a greeting card with your pet’s paw print on it. (Just be sure to wash their paws afterwards!)


Shop for last-minute gifts


Instead of going out on a cold winter night and shopping in overcrowded stores, cuddle up on the couch and do your last-minute Christmas shopping online instead – with your pet by your side!

Shopping online eases a lot of holiday stress, and your pet will be grateful to spend time with you. Just don’t forget to pick something special out for your furbaby!


Deck the halls


You can bring holiday cheer to your home by decorating your pet’s favourite spaces. Whether you’re making your bunny’s cage festive or adding some Christmas spirit to your cat tree, feel free to get creative!

Just be careful to use pet-friendly materials that can’t cause them harm!


Go for walkies in a winter wonderland


The woods are especially beautiful for a winter walk, and your pet is the ultimate walking buddy.

Have fun exploring with your pet, and while you’re at it, gather pretty branches to make your own Christmas wreath for your front door. Whoever drops by your home will then get to see your handmade wreath, with materials collected by your loving, furry sidekick!


Have a holiday photoshoot


Celebrating Christmas with your pet is a great excuse for an Insta-worthy photo shoot. Put on your dorkiest Christmas sweater and dress your furbaby up in adorable holiday style. You’ll be able to treasure your festive photos forever!


Go on a drive to see Christmas lights


Driving around your community to see the Christmas lights is nothing short of magical, and it’s even better with your pet. Play some gentle holiday tunes in the car for that extra sentimental touch.

If your pet is like ours, they’ll love any excuse for a ride in the car! If, on the other hand, they get carsick at times, we have solutions for that too!


Hang up a stocking for your pet


When it’s time to hang up the Christmas stockings, your pet should have one too! We love these easy-to-make stocking patterns.

You can fill your pet’s stocking with little toys and healthy treats – you won’t believe your furbaby’s excitement when they realise the stocking is for them!


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Bake Christmas cookies


Baking cookies is a wonderful holiday tradition, so why not make some Christmas cookies for your pet? With ingredients like peanut butter and oatmeal, these homemade dog treat recipes will be a hit with your pup as well as being dog-friendly!


Share the love with pets in need


Some pets aren’t lucky enough to have a forever home where they can spend Christmas. Keep these little ones in your heart this season by supporting a local animal shelter. You can make a monetary donation in your pet’s name, or donate food, toys, and blankets.


Snuggle up


When it’s time to put on your favourite Christmas movie, get a comfy blanket and call your pet over for cuddle time. Your little one will love spending time with you, and you might even find that your own Christmas stress will completely fade away!


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Get dressed up


Dressing your pet up in a holiday outfit is adorably cute. Pick out a cute Christmas sweater or a miniature Santa hat and play holiday dress-ups. For those of us with pets who don’t like wearing clothes, a festive bow on their collar will do the trick.


Spread holiday cheer


Pets bring a smile to people’s faces any day of the year, so they’re especially good at spreading holiday cheer. Take your pet out Christmas carolling (be sure to dress them up nice and warm!), or visit a home for the elderly – we can’t understate the impact this will have on the people lucky enough to run into your beloved furball!


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Cherish your pet this Christmas


Celebrating Christmas with our pets can make the holidays extra special. Our healthy dog treats are a perfect Christmas surprise for your beloved pets, as are our healthy cat treats, so make sure you order some in good time so they can enjoy them over the festive period!

So whether you and your pet are relaxing under the Christmas tree or going on adventures in the snow, from all of us here at VetIQ, we wish you both a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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