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Coprophagia is a condition whereby puppies and dogs consume their stools. It is a common habit in some dogs which can be distressing for the pet owner and unhygienic for the pet. VETIQ® Stool Repel tablets have been specially formulated to help deter this behaviour by making the dog’s own stools unpalatable to eat. It should be used in conjunction with a training regime. VETIQ® Stool Repel contains Capsicum Extract, a lachrymatory agent, that helps to deter a puppy or dog from eating its own stools by causing a mild irritation to the eyes and a mild burning sensation if the stool is eaten. The probiotics support stabilisation of the gut flora and digestion while the prebiotic helps stimulate the immune system by supporting growth of the intestinal microflora. VETIQ® Stool Repel functions within the intestine by making your dog’s stool less tasty, therefore, it will not deter dogs from eating other dog’s stools.

  • Pre & Probiotics to help support digestion and a strong immune system.
  • Helps eliminate stool eating.
  • Makes stools less palatable.
  • Effective behaviour aid.




Yeast, Dicalcium Phosphate, Inulin, Capsicum Extract, Colloidal Silica, Magnesium Stearate, Enterococcus Faecium, Bacillus Velezensis, Flavouring.
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  • If consumed in excess this product can cause stomach upset.
  • Pets should be supervised at all times during feeding.
  • Complementary Pet Food.
  • Ensure fresh drinking water is available.
  • Not for human consumption.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I gave my dog two tablets yesterday and since then he has had diarrhoea. Is this a side effect of Stool repel and is it is safe to continue to give him the tablets?

    The tablets do not normally cause diarrhoea. They do contain an ingredient called Olsoresin capsicum which is a natural component of chilli peppers. Often younger dogs can have sensitive digestive systems as they are still developing so I would suggest not giving the tablets for 2 days until the diarrhoea has ceased and then try giving one tablet in the morning and one tablet in the afternoon and hopefully this should solve the problem.

    I read that Stool Repel is for puppies over 6 months old and I wondered why?

    The tablets contain an ingredient called Olsoresin capsicum which is a natural component of chilli peppers. Often younger dogs can have sensitive digestive systems as they are still developing hence the reason we say over 6 months of age. If the dog is nearly 5 months old and had no reaction like diarrhoea following consumption of the tablets I would recommend giving the tablets following the recommended feeding guide but just to monitor the dog do ensure they don’t cause loose stool. I would suggest splitting the amount of tablets per day over the morning and afternoon.

    We have tried the Stool Repel product but has not had any results.

    Continued: The dog is only just 6 months and is house trained. The dog will only eat the stool if it has just been done, once it is cold then they are not interested in it. We go outside with the dog and when it does go to the toilet we shake a treat tin to distract it whilst the stool is cleaned away. Can you suggest anything else we can try to break this cycle?

    Answer: The Stool Repel product is an aid to be used with behaviour training, it is unlikely to break a pets habit without that. If this is not working so far, it would be sensible to try a diet change. For persistent cases this often helps. Avoiding wet food totally and feeding dry only, the customer wants to go for highly digestible diets such as Collards, Proplan, Hills Essentials, (Super premium dry food). These types of food provide a small, stool that does not particularly smell (especially the Collards) and is therefore not particularly attractive to the dog. As the dog is only going for a fresh stool it is probably the smell that is the attraction. It is also worth her asking her puppy class trainer to help to teach her dog leave.

    I had been giving my 8 kg dog 1 tablet for two weeks and then increased to 2 tabs per day. Will it do the dog any harm to leave the dosage at 2 per day as this seems to work better?

    There would be no problem increasing the level of tablets to 2 per day for 2 weeks if the results had previously been unsatisfactory as advised on the Stool Repel tablet pack. However, I would advise to reduce the level back to 1 tablet per day for a week and see if this works and then if not to increase the level to 2 tablets per day for another 2 weeks.

    We get a lot of people asking if they can use it on their cat as the dogs are eating cat poo out the litter tray?

    Yuck is right! Its not a palatable product for Cats, who are notoriosly fussy about what they eat. They should sprinkle cayenne pepper on the cat’s poo in the tray, hopefully this should deter the dog from doing it again!

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