VETIQ® Stool Firm Tablets


VETIQ® Stool Firm tablets Aids the relief of symptoms of mild diarrhoea that your pet may experience. They are specially formulated with a unique blend of pectin and pumpkin for added fibre and naturally occurring beta-carotene which helps increase and improve stool firmness.

Intestinal health is also improved as it contains Kaolin for toxin absorption and prebiotic fibre, Inulin, to promote the presence of beneficial gut bacteria.  Stool Firm tablets contain calcium carbonate which helps to form a barrier along the gut assisting the natural balance of the digestive tract.

Helps with: Excessive flatulence, mild diarrhoea, reluctance to eat, lethargy & fatigue Loose, soft or watery stools, dull coat & poor overall health.

Suitable for puppies from 8 weeks and kittens from 12 weeks.


  • Aids the relief of symptoms of mild diarrhoea.
  • Helps to firm soft stools.
  • Contains prebiotic fibre.
  • For puppies from 8 weeks.
  • Helps maintain a healthy intestine.



Calcium Carbonate, Yeast, Kaolin, Pumpkin Powder, Inulin, Magnesium Stearate, Pectin, Silicon Dioxide, Flavouring.
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  • Use continuously for a maximum of 7 days, then the animal should be given a break of approximately 7 days.
  • Please seek veterinary advice if symptoms do not subside within 24 to 48 hours of initially using the product.
  • Complementary mineral feed.
  • Ensure fresh drinking water is available.
  • Not for human consumption.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Kaolin and Pectin can cause side effects in some animals. Owners should be aware that pectin could cause mild constipation (usually transient), especially in high amounts and may interact with medications. Consult your veterinarian to determine if any drugs your pet is receiving could interact with kaolin and pectin.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Stool Firm safe to give to a cat?

    VETIQ Stool Firm can be administered to cats following the recommended daily amount per weight and warnings given on the packet. The active ingredients kaolin and pectin are not known to be dangerous to cats. Some other stool firming products contain bismuth salicylate as an ingredient which should not be administered to cats unless directed by your veterinarian. VETIQ Stool Firm does not contain bismuth salicylate.

    I have a pregnant bitch that has very bad diarrhoea. Is it safe to give her Stool Firm?

    The use of VETIQ Stool Firm in pregnant dogs is ok as the product contains no ingredient that would affect the pregnancy status of the dog. However, as the product would have a constipatory effect it may affect the absorption of various minerals/vitamins or any medication that may be given with the food. If medications were required with the food, then VETIQ Stool Firm should be administered at different times.

    Why can I not give VETIQ Stool Firm as a continuous preventative treatment?

    There are 2 main reasons for this: – It may act as a constipatory agent for the pet – Can pre-dispose some dogs to urinary calculi

    Can I give this product to my dog while they have Cushings disease and are on medication for this?

    We have investigated this medication and there appears to be no contraindications to using VETIQ Stool Firm, but we recommend you talk to their vet also to confirm this.

    Can this product be used continuously?

    Full Question: My dog is a four year old collie in perfect general health, very fit and happy other than having diarrhoea on a regular basis. We have had great success with Stool Firm but we note that you recommend a break of at least 7 days following 7 days of treatment. For what reason do you not recommend that this product be used continuously as part of a dogs diet, say as a precaution for a dog that has a pre disposition to diarrhoea?

    Answer: This is a good question, there are 2 main reasons for recommending the break.

    1) The product has fibre and binding agents to help regularise digestion during diarrhoea events. However, using these when the stool is not loose will have a constipating effect on your pet. 2) This product has a high level of calcium carbonate (its one of the binding agents mentioned above). Longer term usage of this may pre-dispose some dogs to urinary calculi (a hard mass of mineral salts in the urinary tract).

    These are the main reasons for recommending a 7 day break.

    Are two tablets supposed to be given together or spaced during the day?

    Full Question: Our dog weighs approximately 8kg, putting her in the wieght range 5 – 10kg which, according to the directions on the box, indicates a daily dose of 2 tablets. Are those two tablets supposed to be given together or spaced during the day?

    Answer: Your reading of the tablet dosage is correct, your dog should receive 2 tablets. We instruct that they can be sprinkled on their food, so you can give them together. Its best to keep it to a similar time each day where possible.

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