Hairballs in Rabbits?

by | Feb 11 2018

Do I need to Groom My Rabbit?

Like cats, rabbits are meticulous groomers and they will naturally ingest more hair through grooming but unlike cats, rabbits are not capable of vomiting. To ensure that your rabbit doesnt ingest excess quantities of hair, try and groom them regularly, especially during moulting. Make sure your bunny has plenty of hay to nibble on, not only does this help to prevent boredom but is also source of high fibre which will helps to keep the contents of the food and hair moving through the digestive track.


Simple Grooming Tips
  • Place your rabbit on a towel that is large enough to wrap around your rabbit once you have finished, this will help calm them down. Place the rabbit and towel on your lap or if you prefer a table.
  • A rabbits’ skin is very thin so gently brush all over the rabbit’s back with a soft bristle brush. Be careful when brushing around the eyes and ears area.
  • Wet your hands with a spritzer bottle and then gently stroke your rabbit starting behind the ears all the way back to the tail. Do this several times, include the sides and belly of the rabbit as well. Your wet hands will help remove the excess fur the brushing brought to the top of the coat.
  • Offer your rabbit a treat once you have finished and give them plenty of attention. This will help ensure grooming time will remembered as something nice.


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