Tips For Helping Your Dog Lose Weight This Autumn

by | Sep 19 2023

Many vets have observed that the changing seasons can have a significant impact on a dog’s weight and overall well-being. With the arrival of autumn, a fresh array of opportunities presents itself for dog lovers.

The milder, cooler temperatures, combined with the mesmerising hues of falling leaves, create the perfect backdrop for extended walks, hikes, and playful sessions in the park. But beyond just the sheer beauty of the season, autumn’s temperate climate can be particularly beneficial for dogs. During the hotter summer months, dogs might have been less active due to the heat, potentially leading to slight weight gain. However, autumn provides a more comfortable environment, allowing for longer and more frequent activities.

Many pet parents also find that the crisp air and scenic views invigorate their exercise routines, making it a mutual benefit for both owner and pet. By seizing the opportunities that autumn offers, pet parents can foster a healthier and more active lifestyle for their dogs, ensuring they stay fit and enjoy the season to its fullest – so read on to explore tips and activities to make the most of this autumn with your furry friend!


Why autumn is a great time for a canine health kick


Golden leaves gently falling from trees mark the transition to cooler days. As the intense heat of summer subsides, dogs can enjoy their walks more comfortably, while owners are treated to a vibrant display of changing foliage.

Autumn not only provides a refreshing break from summer’s heat but also serves as an opportune time to get in extra exercise before the colder winter months make outings more challenging. This season is abundant in its offerings, especially in the form of root vegetables. Nutritious options like carrots and pumpkins emerge plentifully. These wholesome, low-calorie treats can be an excellent way to add a dash of variety and crunch to your dog’s daily diet, ensuring they receive both flavour and health benefits.


Tips for helping your dog lose weight in autumn


Here are some tips to help you adjust your dog’s routine to get all the health benefits from the autumn:


Seasonal diet adjustments


Incorporate fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, like carrots, apple slices and chunks of pumpkin, into your dog’s daily meals. If your dog had a more sedentary lifestyle during the summer, consider adjusting meal portions to ensure they’re appropriate for their activity level. As the temperature continues to drop, opt for high-quality dog food that’s specially formulated for the cooler months, ensuring your furry friend receives the right nutrition for the season.


Embracing autumnal physical activities


Autumn means there are plenty of leafy piles for dogs to sniff through and an abundance of sticks to find, carry or bury. Make the most of the season with specially adapted games like pumpkin fetching or leaf pile jumping, ideal for helping your dog lose weight. For when the autumnal weather gets a little muggy, take the seasonal theme indoors on rainy days by playing hide and seek with autumn-scented toys using cinnamon or cloves.


Autumn check-ups at the vet


Start the season on the right foot by scheduling a check-up at the vet. This is an ideal time to update any due vaccinations and discuss any potential weight issues your dog might be facing. The vet will not only give guidance on how to maintain the optimal condition of your dog’s coat but will also perform thorough examinations of their paws and nails.

Furthermore, drawing from their expertise and considering factors like your dog’s age, fitness level, and breed, they can recommend a tailored exercise regimen. This personalised plan will aid your furry friend in achieving a healthy weight and maintaining overall well-being.


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Reward your dog this autumn with Healthy Treats from VETIQ


Rewarding your pooch with treats might initially appear counterintuitive when considering their autumnal weight loss journey! However, it’s worth noting that not all treats are created equal. Some dog treats strike the right balance between being delectable for your pet and offering health benefits.

This is where Healthy Centres from VETIQ come into play. Specially formulated by animal nutritionists, Healthy Centres offers a unique blend of natural fruit with meat, fish or cheese packed into a crispy grain-free shell. Each treat contains Omega 3 for healthy skin and coats.

Healthy Centres stand out as an outstanding treat option, making them a perfect addition to your dog’s autumn routine, ensuring they get both enjoyment and nourishment, so get your supply ordered today and enjoy this beautiful time of year alongside your furry bestie!

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