How To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

by | Jan 6 2018

Is your dog carrying a little extra weight especially after Christmas?

Being overweight can have lasting consequences and studies have shown that overweight dogs are more prone to illnesses such as arthritis, breathing difficulties, heart problems and diabetes which can affect their quality of life. Now is the time to get them back in shape – See our top tips to help your dog shed those extra pounds!

Measure their portions. Weighing your dog’s food will make sure you’re not feeding them more than they need.

Switch to a lower calorie pet food. Specialist weight management pet foods are readily available, and can help your pet to feel satisfied even as they cut down on calories.

Exercise and activity. Try to take your dog out for a walk at least twice a day. In addition to regular walks, let the dog into the garden more frequently for a run around and invest in dog toys to encourage active play. Buy toys in which you can hide food, but remember to deduct the “treat” from the daily food allowance.

Low calorie treats. Give your dog treats for training but otherwise treats are not essential.  If you do give a “treat” it should be no bigger than the size of your nail on your first finger. Many dogs like crunchy vegetables like carrot or cucumber and these are a healthy low calorie alternative.

Weigh your pet regularly to help track their progress. Weigh a small dog by firstly standing on the scale yourself and then hopping on with them – the difference will be your pet’s weight.

Encourage your dog to eat slower. If your dog normally wolfs down their dinner in one go, try using a slow feeder bowl to help slow them down, it also helps to improve their digestion.

Make mealtimes into a game. Hide your dog’s food in their favourite toy to make them work a little harder for their reward. This will encourage them to burn energy by exercising and playing.

Hope our tips can help you keep your lovely pooches in good shape for 2018!


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