Tips to puppy proof your home.

by | May 17 2016

Here are a few ways to puppy proof the house to make sure your new puppy is safe and sound even while you are away!


Puppies aren’t picky when it comes to finding things to chew on. Chewing helps relieve the discomfort of teething and is a good pastime for boredom. Be sure to place hazardous materials such as medicines, cleaning supplies, tobacco products, and vitamins out of reach.

Food can also be very tempting for your puppy. If they smell something they like, you can trust that they will find a way to get to it, especially the dog treats! Put away foods and make sure any food waste is out of reach or safely stowed away. A great way to keep your puppy out is to use child-proof locks for the kitchen cabinets. A rubber band can be an alternative to child-proof locks; simply twist the rubber band around your cabinet knobs to keep your pup out.


Often the bathroom is filled with things that our puppies can’t wait to get their little paws on. From the toilet paper roll, the toilet bowl, or searching through the cabinets, the bathroom is filled with stuff that might spike your puppy’s interest. Always be sure to put the toilet bowl seat down to prevent drinking of harsh chemicals or even drowning.

Also, we typically tend to have a plethora of stuff in our bathroom cabinets from lotions, vitamins, fragrances, and much more, all which if ingested in large amounts can make your puppy very sick. Child-proof locks are a great way to prevent your puppy from finding a way inside spaces where those items are stored.


If there is a room you don’t want your dog to access, especially when you are away, use a baby gate. A gate will limit the access to the room and only allow the dog to go in there on your time rather than theirs. Imagine your puppy taking it upon himself to use the stairs for the first time while you are away. This could be pretty dangerous if your pup is still very little. It is best to close them off so that they don’t potentially hurt themselves on an adventure. There are even baby gates out there that have doors that swing open, avoiding the whole straddling scenario for us humans.

Chewing on electrical cords or furniture can be dangerous as well. An electric shock can be serious and potentially life-threatening. Use electrical outlet covers, power strip covers, and hide dangling cords out of reach.


While our bedrooms are usually a space we like to call our own, sometimes our pets like to take over. If you don’t want your puppy getting into your space, make sure always to close the door behind you, or use a baby gate. And for the times you might forget, always try to have the area cleaned up to avoid coming home to a disaster zone of chewed up clothes, shoes, or furniture.

Getting a puppy is an exciting time, but can also be a bit uneasy at first! Before the little one comes home, make sure to double check the house and puppy proof it to be as prepared as possible. Enjoy your new baby!


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