The Benefits Of Puppy Teething Gel

by | Sep 4 2023

Ask any dog owner about navigating the tumultuous puppy phase, and they’ll likely highlight teething as one of the most testing challenges. Teething doesn’t just cause discomfort for the young pups; it’s genuinely painful and can prompt them to gnaw on virtually anything in an attempt to find some relief!

Observing your puppy in such distress is heart-wrenching, so how can you alleviate their discomfort and protect your furniture at the same time? Luckily for you, we’ve got the answer covered in this article – puppy teething gel!


The signs and discomfort of puppy teething


Teething is a natural process during which a dog’s permanent adult teeth start to emerge, pushing out the baby teeth. In most dogs, this phase typically commences when they’re around 10 to 12 weeks of age and lasts for approximately four months.

Several signs that your puppy is undergoing this teething phase are:

  • A noticeable decrease in the speed of their eating, accompanied by diminished enthusiasm for food
  • Excessive drooling, visible gaps where baby teeth once were, and gums that appear red or swollen
  • A tendency to nip or bite on a wide array of objects, paired with intermittent whining, signalling their discomfort

Just as with human babies, puppies experience the discomfort associated with the eruption of new teeth. While chewing provides some respite for the puppy, it presents a challenge for pet parents as it often leads to a trail of destruction throughout the household!


Traditional and physical remedies


Chew toys, especially those designed for teething puppies, can provide a comforting reprieve to sore gums, while also minimising the potential for destruction to your home furnishings. Another effective method involves offering ice cubes or special toys that have been chilled in the freezer; these can be especially soothing for a puppy’s inflamed mouth.

Some resourceful pet parents go the extra mile by freezing bite-sized pieces of dog-friendly vegetables. When a puppy gnaws on these frozen treats, it can experience a numbing effect, which provides relief. Additionally, these frozen veggie bites can serve as a timely distraction when you notice your pup sinking its teeth into something off-limits.

While these remedies can be effective, ensuring your puppy’s maximum comfort might require a more comprehensive solution – teething gel.


The benefits of puppy teething gel


A huge advantage of using a scientifically formulated puppy teething gel is its ability to provide swift and effective relief to a puppy’s aching gums. Such products are enriched with natural ingredients that have been traditionally recognised and trusted to alleviate pain and soothe discomfort.

Take the herbal essence extracted from the chamomile plant as an example: it not only helps in pacifying inflamed gums but also has calming properties that can aid in lulling your puppy to sleep. Additionally, natural components like clove oils and peppermint are known for their inherent anti-inflammatory attributes, making them ideal candidates for soothing sore and swollen mouths.

VETIQ Teething Gel distinguishes itself as a great teething gel solution for several reasons:

  • It boasts a harmonious blend of chamomile, peppermint, and clove oils, targeting multiple facets of teething discomfort
  • Its formulation, rich in safe and natural ingredients, is appropriate for puppies as young as 4 weeks old
  • With a flavour that appeals to canines combined with its effortless application, it’s a favourite among pet parents
  • Moreover, this product is thoughtfully packaged with a unique applicator nozzle, ensuring that each application is as effective as possible


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Experience the benefits of puppy teething gel from VETIQ


Using Puppy Teething Gel from VETIQ is a great step toward alleviating your puppy’s discomfort and curbing those episodes of destructive chewing that many owners dread. For puppies grappling with the pains of teething and for pet parents keen on ensuring a well-behaved and comfortable pup, our gel emerges as the preferred natural solution.

VETIQ Puppy Teething Gel not only promises swift and effective relief, but it also ensures safety, even for the youngest of puppies and is also formulated with 100% natural ingredients. We also provide delicious Healthy Treats Teething for puppy owners who might require an extra trick!

Give your little pup the relief it needs and help it get over its teething pains – order Puppy Teething Gel from VETIQ today, and for a treasure trove of further insights on dog care, make sure to explore our blog for invaluable tips and seasoned advice.


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