BBQ Safety!

by | May 28 2018

BBQ safety: top tips for pet owners

The good weather is here so bring on the BBQs. Food always seems to taste better when it’s grilled; however, BBQ’s do pose a danger for cats and dogs. To ensure every BBQ moment you have this summer is magical, follow these simple tips to make sure your barbeque is fun for everyone

  • Always keep BBQ lid down to prevent dogs from putting their paws on the hot grill
  • Secure dogs with leashes, or ask friends and children to keep the dog company
  • Whether you’re cooking on a gas, propane, or charcoal grill, open flames are dangerous and it’s important to keep the BBQ monitored at all times. Pets and humans alike can sustain injuries when grills are left unattended.
  • Dogs can eat meat, including barbecue favorites such as hot dogs and burgers. However, take note that even “safe” meat should be eaten in moderation.
  • Remind guests not to feed scraps to the dogs. Barbeque scraps can upset your pet’s stomach whilst undercooked or fatty foods could give them a nasty dose of diarrhea. Try giving them a healthy chew to chomp on or a fun toy to play with instead.
  • Onions are highly toxic to cats and dogs so make sure you let your guests know not to feed the pets any in advance.
  • Supervise children around dogs
  • Store any lighter fluid or firelighters well out of reach of pets.
  • Have a covered container to collect bones from chicken, ribs, and other meats.
  • Dispose of corn on the cob cores and any skewers in a secure bin with a lid.
  • Keep any alcoholic drinks out of temptation’s way for thirsty pets.
  • Always make sure the barbeque is cooled down quickly once you’ve finished cooking and never leave pets on their own around it while it’s still hot.
  • Dogs can quickly overheat in the sun. Make sure they have plenty of water and somewhere they can go to be the shade.
  • Having a house full of strangers might be a bit stressful for your pet, give them plenty of opportunity to relax in peace. Set up a calm, quite room in your house where pets can retreat to if they feel stressed out.
  • Don’t forget about the smaller pets that live in the garden. Rabbits and guinea pigs might be frightened by the noise of a big group of people. Try and keep guests away from their run or move their enclosure into a quieter part of the garden.


Enjoy the sunshine and look after those pets! M+C


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