7 Great Ideas to Pamper Your Pet This Christmas

by | Dec 11 2019

Many people use the festive season as an excuse to pamper themselves and their loved ones as they embrace holidays from work, opportunities for gift-giving, and excuses to eat loads of their favourite foods.

More often than not, family pets aren’t excluded from the festivities! Those on the hunt for unique ideas that will leave their pets cherishing the holidays just as much as their bipedal companions, look no further.

Below are a few of the best ways you can pamper your pet this Christmas and really make it special.


1. Home Cooking

Is there anything more characteristic of a Christmas celebration than a multi-course dinner?

Pet owners with a knack for the culinary arts can whip up a number of healthy and delicious meals for their pets—cats will adore freshly cooked fish, for instance.

If savoury cooking isn’t the family’s preference, baking is just as welcomed by pets of all sizes. In addition to exchanging tins of Christmas cookies, animal lovers might also consider baking homemade animal treats for their hairier loved ones.

As long as precautions are taken to avoid foods that may be hazardous for pets, the sky’s the limit when it comes to special dietary preparations.



2. A Special “Holiday”

Some prefer to spend Christmas at home, while others wouldn’t call it a “holiday” without Christmas being, well, a holiday! Just like humans are thrilled to get away and enjoy an unfamiliar location, it can be an exciting, stimulating, and educational experience for pets to be exposed to new sights and smells.

Even if this “holiday” is nothing more than local socialising at a park or a car ride across town, it’s always special to a pet when their owner helps them to expand their world.

These opportunities for exploration are ideal for dogs, but cats and even some small animals can enjoy them, too. Pet owners might consider an accompanying Christmas gift to be the appropriate gear necessary for travel—a harness and leash, for starters.


Pamper Your Pets This Christmas 2 - Mark + Chappell3. Stocking Stuffers

To truly pamper a pet at Christmas, some pet owners make it quite obvious that their furry friends are a part of the family by hanging a stocking for each pet alongside a row of human family stockings.

Those struggling to come up with ideas about how they’ll stuff their animals’ stocking might consider:

  • New materials for chewing
  • The latest toy
  • Treats, treats, and more treats
  • A new collar
  • Catnip
  • A fresh bone


4. Fresh, Warm Bedding

What could be a better way to relax and enjoy the chilly days of the festive season than to take some extra naps in new, warm bedding?

Dogs and cats will appreciate a new plush bed for Christmas, while smaller animals may enjoy a change of fresh paper bedding or some additional blankets in their cage to curl up and nest within.

Like cooking a homemade meal, pet owners have another opportunity to get crafty, here. Yarn lovers will be happy to know that the internet is littered with free crochet patterns for various sizes of pet beds and, if the goal is to keep animals warm, why stop there?

That’s right—even pets can enjoy the comforts of a warm and cosy sweater.


5. Spa Day

Nothing says “pampering” like a day at the spa, full of self-care and relaxation. Pet owners can imitate a spa day for their animals, too. Instead of mud masks and steam treatments, pets can enjoy:

  • A professional teeth cleaning
  • A “manicure” to trim nails
  • Bath time
  • Grooming and a haircut

Dogs will even appreciate the benefits of a professional massage, too, so contacting an animal massage therapist may be the ultimate way to keep a furry friend pampered and healthy.


6. New Year, New Tricks

With the new year upcoming, what better time than now for pet owners to work closely with their animals and teach them something new?

Not only does this kind of training frequently mean an opportunity for pets to enjoy some delicious treats (maybe something homemade, if they’re lucky enough to have a human owner who’s using multiple items from this list to brighten the holidays), but teaching any animal a new trick is an intimate process, too.

Working with an animal to learn a new trick may take some patience, but they’ll appreciate the teamwork, praise, and attention.


7. Holiday Treats!

Of course, one of the easiest way to delight and excite your pets this Christmas is to get them some healthy treats to reward them. Check out a few of the healthy treats we have for cats, dogs and small animals:


Healthy Treats - Mark + Chappell

Healthy Treats for Dogs

Healthy Bites Cats - Mark + Chappell

Healthy Bites Cat Treats

Feline Happy Gourmet Cat Treats

Feline Happy Gourmet Cat Treats


Healthy Bites Small Animals - Mark + Chappell

Healthy Bites for Small Animals

Nibblots - Mark + Chappell

Nibblots for small animals



Taking a second look at this list might yield a realisation—pets enjoy many of the same things as humans do! After all, who could say no to a home-cooked meal, a holiday, some thoughtful presents, and new linens for a better night’s sleep?

Among this list of ideas is a single common thread—companionship.

Pamper Your Pets This Christmas 3 - Mark + Chappell

At the end of the day, there’s no better way to pamper a pet than to shower them with adoration and reminders that they are loved!



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