Pet Tear Stain Removal: An Owner’s Guide To Stain-Free Cats And Dogs!

by | Jan 23 2024

As a pet owner, particularly if you’re caring for dog breeds such as Maltese, Shih Tzu, or Poodles, or cat breeds such as Siamese or Persian, you may be jostling with the issue of pet tear stain removal.

These stains, while not always indicative of a serious problem with your pet’s eyes, can potentially lead to other infections, might signal an underlying health condition, or simply be unsightly.

In this article, we delve into the most effective solutions for pet tear stain removal, ensuring your pet remains both healthy and easy on the eyes!


Understanding pet tear stains


Tear stains are those red-brownish marks you often see just below your pet’s eyes, and sometimes around their muzzles. Particularly prominent in breeds with white coats, such as Bichons Frises or white Persian cats, these stains stand out due to the contrast with the lighter fur.

It’s important to address tear stains not just for the sake of your pet’s appearance but also because they can be indicative of health issues that may need attention!


Causes of tear stains in pets


The primary culprit behind tear stains is porphyrin. Porphyrins are waste products that occur naturally when the body breaks down red blood cells. They are usually excreted in bile and the bowel, but in pets, they are also found in tears, urine, and saliva. When a pet’s tears, saliva, or urine make contact with its fur, these porphyrins can leave a distinct reddish-brown stain.

Another frequent cause of excessive tear production in pets is blocked tear ducts. These ducts can become obstructed due to various reasons, including inflammation, infection, or physical blockage from debris or hair. When tear ducts are blocked, tears can’t drain as they should, leading to overspill that stains the face.

Diet is also a key factor in tear stains. Many pet foods and treats, especially those containing artificial colours, additives, or low-quality ingredients, can exacerbate tear staining. The type of water your pet drinks can also contribute to staining. For example, tap water with a high mineral content may lead to more pronounced tear stains.


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Practical steps for pet tear stain removal


Removing tear stains from your pet can be a gentle and natural process. First and foremost, regular cleaning is key. You can start by using a soft, damp cloth or a cotton ball soaked in warm water. Gently wipe the stained area, being careful not to touch the eye itself. This daily routine helps in gently removing any buildup and prevents the stains from setting in. For more stubborn stains, a mixture of equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide can be effective; just be sure to avoid getting it in their eyes.

Another effective step is grooming. Keeping the fur around your pet’s eyes trimmed can significantly reduce the risk of tear stains. Long hair can irritate the eyes, leading to increased tearing and thus more staining. Regular grooming, including brushing and washing your pet’s face, can help keep the area clean and reduce the likelihood of stains developing. Make sure to use a mild, tear-free shampoo when bathing your pet to avoid any eye irritation.

Your pet’s diet also plays a crucial role in preventing tear stains. Feeding your pet a high-quality diet with natural ingredients can make a difference. Some owners have found success in changing their pet’s water source to filtered or bottled water, as tap water can sometimes contain high levels of minerals that contribute to tear staining. Remember, a healthy diet leads to a healthier pet overall, which can naturally reduce the occurrence of tear stains.


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Introducing VETIQ Tear Stain Remover


VETIQ Tear Stain Remover is an effective solution for tear stains in both dogs and cats. This product’s formulation is gentle and non-toxic, ensuring it is safe and user-friendly for your cherished pets. It is meticulously designed with specific ingredients that are adept at dissolving and eliminating stubborn stains not just around the eyes but also around the mouth, areas commonly affected by tear stains. Even better, the non-allergenic nature of its ingredients ensures that it will not cause any irritation to your pet, making it suitable for even the most sensitive breeds!

Regular use of VETIQ Tear Stain Remover contributes to long-term cleanliness and the maintenance of your pet’s fur’s natural colour and sheen. The design of the product includes a flexible nozzle, which significantly eases the application process, allowing for precise and hassle-free use. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with persistent stains that require regular attention!

For pet owners seeking a solution that combines reliability with safety, VETIQ Tear Stain Remover gets the job done, so grab a bottle today and wipe those tears away!


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