Introducing VETIQ® Serene Calming Portable Diffuser – Innovation in Feline Stress Relief!

by | Jul 5 2024

Exciting news for pet care suppliers and partners!

We’re thrilled to introduce the VETIQ® Serene Calming Portable Diffuser – our latest innovation in feline stress management.

Natural and safe calming diffuser

This scientifically-backed solution addresses key issues like separation anxiety, anxiousness, and hyperactivity in cats without any sedative effect. It releases a calming pheromone into the air, providing a natural and safe method for cats to relax and feel at ease.

Discreet, plug-free, and portable!

The diffuser comes in a discreet, plug-free, transparent holder that can be conveniently placed anywhere, covering an area up to 65m². Each active calming insert has a lifespan of 30 days, and refills are readily available. This means no fuss with plugs or electricity and a continuous calming environment for feline companions.

Explore partnership opportunities now!

If you’re a supplier looking to enhance your product range with innovative, effective solutions, consider the VETIQ® Serene Calming Portable Diffuser. It offers a unique, scientifically proven solution to a common problem faced by many pet owners, positioning your business as a leader in comprehensive pet care solutions.

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