Pet Anxiety – A Growing Concern For Pet Parents

by | Oct 27 2023

Pet anxiety – A growing issue in the UK

Pet anxiety is a growing issue in the UK and one of the biggest concerns for pet parents.

As the fireworks season draws near the latest UK PSDA report estimates that 44% of dogs, 30% of cats and 16% of rabbits are afraid of fireworks. Pet anxiety is on the increase and can occur for a variety of reasons including separation anxiety, being left alone, noise from thunderstorms, fireworks, changing or altering your home and travel are some of the reasons your pet may exhibit anxious or nervous tendencies.

This behaviour presents itself depending on the pet in several ways with excessive barking and nervousness from dogs, and cats cowering and hiding, while rabbits freeze or hide.



Pet Calming Ranges

One of the UK’s most successful pet calming ranges comes from the VETIQ Healthy+ range, which has developed an excellent range of Serene Calming products both across treats and preventative remedies to alleviate, calm and soothe our pets during periods of anxiety, nervousness or stress.

Its range includes non-sedative functional treats and preventative therapeutic tablets or drops designed for all pets and pet sizes. The natural range has been designed to soothe, calm and relax your pet during periods of anxiety, stress, or nervousness over a short or a longer period depending on the individual animal.

As part of a behavioural training regime, the treats are an excellent reward for good behaviour, while the therapeutic range will help to calm, settle and relax your pet over long or short periods depending on the situation. For 2023, they have exciting news with two new products added to the range, a fast-acting calming ointment for dogs and calming treats for cats.


Serene Calming Ointment is also available to buy on Amazon.


Dog Anxiety

A dog’s sense of smell is the primary faculty by which their bodies perceive external stimuli. While it is an area still being researched, it is now evident that you can use your dog’s smell sense to help ease stress and modify behaviour.

Studies into this area have shown that the pheromone used in the new Serene Calming Ointment is such a product. Serene Calming relief works by applying ointment directly to your pet’s nose, which then releases a pheromone which allows your dog to relax, calm and settle quickly.

In several controlled trials, the use of this product showed that it has rapid physiological effects such as slowing the pet’s heart rate when elevated due to a stressful event such as a loud noise or simulated thunderstorm. There are also significant effects on the dog’s behaviour with the products used. Stress symptoms such as pacing, cowering (sitting or lying down) and vocalisation (barking/howling) were notably reduced after application.



Calming Effect On Dogs

This calming effect remained in place after the stressor event had ceased in the presence of the hormone remaining in situ. The ointment has little or no residual effects and therefore is a very suitable complementary product in the VETIQ Serene calming range of calming tablets, drops and treats.

The new product is designed specifically for those unexpected events or incidents such as fireworks, thunderstorms or travel that may cause your dog to be anxious unexpectedly or for a specific event such as going on a holiday. The unique patented* formula is scientifically proven, easy to use and provides your dog with fast relief within 20 minutes.

The product is suitable for all dogs, breeds and ages to naturally calm and soothe. There is no limit on usage and can be used in conjunction with other VETIQ Serene calming products. If your dog is occasionally anxious, and you value a good night’s sleep this is one for the cupboard!



Cat Anxiety

Cat anxiety is very common and is often overlooked by pet owners as a cat’s behaviour differs and is harder to spot than dog anxiety. However, it’s a big issue for pet owners with 44% of UK cat owners reporting that their cats are showing signs that may be indicative of stress.

To address this problem, VETIQ have launched an excellent serene calming functional bite product that can be used alone or in conjunction with the VETIQ preventative care calming range. These deliciously tasty calming bites contain ingredients that help to naturally soothe your cat in times of stress and help to support calm behaviour.

It contains L-tryptophan, which is an essential amino acid and a precursor to serotonin, the neurotransmitter which helps mood and sleep regulation. The treats also contain chamomile and lemon balm, natural ingredients with anti-anxiety properties, and ginger oil supporting relaxation whilst magnesium helps with enhancing normal physiological functions.

High in protein, with vitamins A, D and E, and essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to also boost overall health and feline well-being. The tasty bites are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

The bites are an ideal treat to reward and when used in conjunction with training or re-training programmes, can improve your pet’s ability to relax and calm as the bites provide soothing reassurance and relief simply because they feel more motivated to respond as the feelings of reward are enhanced. The treats can also help to promote bonding between pet and pet parent. This product is available for sale from October 2023.



A beacon of hope for pet parents

Pet anxiety is undeniably a significant obstacle in the path of our pets’ leading contented lives. However, with companies like VETIQ championing the cause and devising innovative solutions, relief is within arm’s reach.

Are you eager to help your pet navigate their fears better? Do you yearn for peaceful nights without the incessant barking or the sight of your cat darting under the bed at the slightest noise? VETIQ’s Serene Calming range might just be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Remember, with the right support and products, a calmer, happier pet is not a distant dream—it’s a palpable reality.


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